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Only brief descriptions are provided here to prevent major plot spoilers.

(Episode 1)


[Johnny is abducted by Aliens]

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[Escaping Capture]


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Flat on his back, Johnny awakens to a nightmarish alien landscape.  He does not recall or understand what possible series of events could have stranded him here.  Dazed and confused, he pulls himself upward, deciding to explore this strange and almost certainly dangerous new territory.   Johnny will need to keep his wits about him.  Vicious otherworldly creatures roam this dark hostile landscape.


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[Running from Aliens]


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(Episode 2)


Back on his own planet, Johnny roams the hood looking for clues and information in regards to the outer space mystery from episode 1.  He encounters bums, hookers, gangsters and crackheads.  All of whom he shakes down for information or simply gives a thorough beating to.

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[Gangsters block entry to next street]


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(Episode 3)


Johnny finds himself back in time 3 1/2 million years ago during the Earth's Tertiary Period.  Lush foliage and vast plains of unspoiled territory surround him.  Giant, strange looking prehistoric mammals roam freely.  On a quest for a certain natural resource, Johnny must muscle his way through prehistoric hyenas, blood thirsty cave monkeys and carnivorous monster birds.

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[Prehistoric Hyenas pursue Johnny]


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[Mid-air struggle with Archaeopteryx]


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[Captured by Cannibalistic Cave Monkeys]


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[Struggle with Cannibalistic Cave Monkeys]


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(Episode 4)


(Present Time) Johnny finds himself framed and being sentenced to 25 years in maximum security prison.  Terrifying, ruthless, evil convicts now surround Johnny.  He must survive cafeteria confrontations, random attacks, and deadly gang fights in the prison courtyard.  Your goal is to somehow break out of prison and locate the man who framed you.

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[Surprise cafeteria shank attack]


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(Episode 5)


Once out of prison, Johnny tracks down the man responsible for framing him.  Upon finding this man and his henchmen at an abandoned steel factory, Johnny walks in and proceeds to hand out healthy doses of ass beating.  Struggles, twists and turns ensue ultimately resulting in Johnny halting the evil maniac from executing his diabolical plan.

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