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The first Johnny Rocketfingers game was created by Ryan Khatam on 1/22/2003.  It went viral and within one year Ryan was commissioned by Conspiracy Games to create a sequel.  In 2006, “Johnny Rocketfingers 2” received even more acclaim than it’s predecessor.   With nearly 8,000 written reviews and over 7 million views on Newgrounds.com alone, Johnny Rocketfingers is featured on more than 170,000 other websites including Ebaumsworld and Kongregate.  Google yields 680,000 results when searching “Johnny Rocketfingers” and Johnny has over 200 fan-made videos on youtube.


1.) What Is Johnny Rocketfingers?

Johnny Rocketfingers is a point and click adventure game inspired by classic LucasArts games such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.

Two games have already been created.  You can play the first one here, and the second one here.


2.) When will Johnny Rocketfingers 3 be released?

Currently this game is not under development.  It is only a concept.  I will be creating a kickstarter in 2014.


3.) How can I help Johnny Rocketfingers 3 become a real game?

The likelihood of this game depends greatly upon you, the fans, and how serious you are about wanting to see a new Johnny Rocketfingers adventure.


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